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Another sleepless night…

...I had some at the last weeks, but tonight it’s somehow different.

I wrote and said things I never could imagine I would say. I don’t know why, I really don’t know. I lie here and can’t stop thinking about the reason why I have started to destroy it all, peace by peace. (In my mind I think I have done and I hope that I can stop it - these bad feelings I have brought you and me) Because all I know, is what I feel deep down:

I’m happy, yeah I’m happy to have YOU in my life and I adore you (that’s the most suitable word to explain my feelings, I think).

Just a few weeks ago I got the feeling that you have wrecked my built up wall. I never did imagine that it could be you, who would get by.

I have fallen in love with you for the second time. This time it’s more intensive than before and it gets anymore day after day.

Finally I still don’t know why I did the things I did, but I’m sorry that I hurt you.

(I wrote this in English, not because I’m thinking I’m so good at it, absolutely not - but it was much easier for me to write my feelings down in that language, whatever… )
9.4.08 02:44


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